Official public opening reception July 16th in Partners Hall at the Algonquin Theatre

Monday, January 4, 2016

"Seeing through Tom's eyes, a discovery of truth, light and colour" my journey has begun.

100 8x10 oil on birch panels ready to roll!
 This body of work will be called "Seeing through Tom's eyes, a discovery of truth, light and colour" 

2016 will be a very exciting year for me as I go out to paint en plein air to locations that I have researched Tom Thomson had painted 100 years ago. I got my feet wet last year a few times on camping and canoe trips to test out my oils as it has been nearly 20 years since I last worked with them. What a joy to rediscover the buttery push and pull one gets with them. The immediate drag of the brush against the birch board is different than on canvas so I have prepared them with an acrylic transparent coloured polymer varnish to bring out the rich warm tones and grain of the wood and to also help the slide of the paint across the surface.

So far my test panels have given me the chance to play with oils again in more of an immediate way to try to capture the essence of a place. Working alla prima in a very direct attack requires me to let go of anything I have previously known. The feeling of working in oils is so much different than working in acrylics as it has a slower drying time and requires one to think ahead and just get down the guts of the place within about an hour or so time frame without putzing around. 

I have applied for an Ontario Art Council Grant and a Canada Art Council Grant to help offset the costs of producing this body of work for this project. I hope to hear soon from the OAC and will keep you posted as I get word. In the meantime I will be painting away and knocking them down til my rack is full of finished panels ready to show the world. Totally honoured and delighted to have one of my exhibition proposals accepted already for a committed show for July and August in 2017 at The Algonquin Theatre in Partners Hall which will be an anchor to other multifaceted events being planned to celebrate the 100 year anniversary since Tom Thomson's untimely death and also to celebrate the 150th Birthday for Canada!  How cool is that to be able to be a part of such an incredible milestone in my community. The show of support and commitment has given me courage to apply for other exhibitions during 2017.

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