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Sunday, March 4, 2012


This painting was done for the recent members gallery challenge called "This is who I am" by Muskoka Arts and Crafts. I could have chosen anything but the image of the monarch butterfly is most fitting for this challenge. I have been through many challenges and changes in my life but through it all I have been guided and protected. renewed and uplifted beyond measure or comprehension. The monarch butterfly emerges as a new creature and that is how I feel too. I am emerging to become the way I was meant to be. Stronger, faithful and true,and ready to face whatever life throws at me.

I did a painting back in 2006 that dealt with a lot of bad stuff and I came to terms with all of it in that painting. The painting was called "the greatest of these is love" which was bought by a patron of my church family at All Saints' Anglican in Huntsville. It was dedicated to the Church and now hangs in the chapel. It is a testament to surviving the dark times in life and being renewed and restored through faith, hope and love.

This new painting " A new creature" is in partial reflection of that but is indeed a new painting. I have moved beyond that moment in time and have been renewed and restored to be even stronger than before. At the top of the painting is reference to three cyclamen flowers. My Dad always gave me cyclamen flowers as he knew how much I like them so it is partially about that connection. More importantly is the connection to the Trinity of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. The light raining down on me also rains around me onto others in my life. My friend Joy asked what the white line around my wings was all about. I told her that is my armour of light that shields and protects me. The little bud beneath me is my son Jon. He too is becoming stronger and ready to face the world. I have another year with him before he sets out to go off to school and start his own life. I am glad that I have been able to equip him for the world and set him on the right path. The is the greatest challenge as a parent is to raise children to become decent human beings who respect nature and every living thing. He has turned out so well, and I just know he will make a difference in this world and leave his own unique mark.

So here we are almost ready to start Spring! I hope and pray for new beginnings and good things for all those around me with whom our lives touch. HAPPY SPRING!
blessings, Janine

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  1. Beautiful....I was looking at Monarchs bottling some nice Pinot Grigio with that label...i love your painting...Margo in RI