Official public opening reception July 16th in Partners Hall at the Algonquin Theatre

Friday, December 28, 2012


WINTER LIGHT-Acrylic on crezon panel 36x48
Here we are again in the season of Winter with all of its wonderful hues of blues, purples and greens. I love getting outside in the Winter and going for walks in the crisp air. I have fond memories of going with my Dad out on the trappers trail to look for the perfect Christmas tree. It was fun but tough slugging through the deep snow and more so for my Dad who hauled out the saw for the final pick. This painting is done from my memories of that time spent with my Dad and the brisk walk through the bush where all you could hear was muffled sounds of our snowshoes as the snow gently floated down around us. 

Perhaps that is why I was tickled pink when I was commissioned to paint "Winter in the Northern Woods" by Lawren Harris. The painting that Harris did could easily be from anywhere around here, but the lay of the land reminds me of Oxtongue Lake area. It is structured with such skill that it took me a lot of time just to draft it out in order to get it as accurate as possible to what Harris had in mind. The way the boughs bend over with the weight of the snow reminds me of my own painting with evergreens like Spruce and Balsam heavily laden with fresh snow. What a joy for me to paint "Winter in the Northern Woods" with all the blues and purples and even some hints of pink from the late afternoon light on the bark of the red pine tree trunks. I called the three trees in the forward a little family with Momma, Poppa, and baby tree basking in the last rays of sunlight before nightfall.

I hope you have all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and I wish you all good things for the New Year.
Peace, Joy and Love be with you.


Monday, October 1, 2012

MUSKOKA COLOURS is an art show by Janine Marson. It is on from September 28th. to October 29th at Muskoka Tourism, 1342 Hwy.11 North, just south of Gravenhurst 1.800.267.9700. If travelling southbound from Huntsville, take Muskoka Road #13 for the Hwy 11 turnaround and then go northbound to get to Muskoka Tourism Visitor Centre. Open 9:00-5:00 daily.

AHHH!!!!  The smells of fall...the crispness in the air, the mind blowing colours all leave me feeling heady, alive and blessed to live and work in Muskoka. I was out painting on Sunday afternoon to my favourite painting spot, Ragged falls. I grew up around the corner from this very special place. It is a place of peace and tranquility for me. I could stay there all day and never tire of watching the water meander downstream, and then bubble and rush downstream over rapids that lead to a spectacular set of ragged and rocky drops as it descends to the bottom. 

WOW...although it was a little overcast, the colours were singing for all they are worth!! Oh....the glorious hot oranges and reds, the glowing yellows...this is the time of year that I get to bring out all the hot big, boys of cadmium red and orange and all my fun colours of transparent orange oxide. 

I never take any of this for granted and am so thankful that all of my being gets to see, hear, touch, smell, and even taste the mist in the air. The beauty of this place transcends time and space. The painting of the woman is actually me. My son Jon yelled out to me, "Mum...don't move" He snapped a great photo of me that I later used as a reference to make this painting. I was caught up in the moment of basking in the sunlight and how it filled my skin and eyes with energy and light. The painting best describes how I feel as a person about this place. Many of my paintings express the joy and wonder that I see in nature, but this painting eludes to something more special and everlasting. I get to experience the ordinary in unique ways and have been given the gift to express it through my art. However this painting shares that fact that this earth is my temporary home, and one day I will truly go home.

This year I am more thankful than ever for the simple things in life that bring me joy. I may not have much according to the worlds point of view, but what I do have is immeasurable and overflowing. May you find peace and quiet in the beauty of this season. Happy Thanksgiving! 

Friday, August 31, 2012

FOCUS, FORM AND COLOUR Exhibit at The Visitors Centre in Algonquin Park Opens August 31 and runs until September 26,2012

FOCUS, FORM AND COLOUR an art exhibit showcasing the work of three different artistic visions in photography, wood and painting.

FOCUS is provided through the eyes and lens of Jerry Schmanda who is a passionate photographer and long time park enthusiast. Jerry combines his love of wildlife with rare photographic opportunities to produce unique artwork and outstanding images. New from Algonquin Photography in 2012, Jerry is offering images on beautiful canvas or classic traditional framed prints.

FORM is explored and exposed with skill in the media of wood carving by David Standfield. David has had a life-long love affair with canoes, Algonquin Park and wood working. He has been a canoe builder with Taylor Statten Camps on Canoe lake for over 30 years. His carvings include decoys, walking sticks, masks, bowls, and sculptures. In this show David displays his Loon eggs and bowls, the newest creative direction for his carving talent.

COLOUR , light and energy fill the beautiful paintings of artist Janine Marson. Her productive career spans over 25 years as a professional artist. This show will include original recent work in acrylic and pastel, as well as prints and cards. Janines' deep connection to the Algonquin Region, coupled with her strong painting and colour skills, allow for the full expression of her love of the land, and fuels her desire to preserve and protect it for future generations.

Travel Hwy 60 east towards Algonquin Park, continue along Hwy 60 from The West Gate to km 43.0 to The Visitors Centre. The Exhibit is in The Algonquin Room and is open 9:00 -5:00 daily. For more details contact Sharon Hockley. Bookstore Manager, The Friends of Algonquin Park, (613)637-2828 ext 231

Monday, July 2, 2012


I was in Algonquin Park on a five day canoeing ,camping, painting trip with three men. I felt a bit like Emily Carr being invited to go and paint with the boys. It rained four out of five days, but it was a trip to remember for sure. One particular afternoon, I climbed up a cliff for a better viewpoint to jot down a quick watercolour sketch of Burnt Island Lake. I only had a few minutes to get down the fast approaching storm coming. The air was heavy with moisture, and the birds weren't singing and nothing was was so still...the calm before the storm. Then I saw the sky darken with ominous blues and purples smothering the colours of the land with their veil of light. A finger of clouds edged along the sky wiggling and writhing across the horizon, squeezing out the last rays of light. Then...crack...kaboom...and it started with a heavy downpour. At least I got my little sketch done in time before the storm hit.

The little sketch sat tucked away for a few years, waiting to become a full fledged painting. Well in 2011 it finally happened, when the annual gallery challenge was issued from Muskoka Arts and Crafts to create a piece of art in the style of a famous artist who inspired me. Well hands just had to be A.J. Casson for me. I had the opportunity of a lifetime to meet A.J. when I was about eight years old. My parents owned a resort on the doorstep of Algonquin Park called Timber Trail from 1965-1988. Casson used to come to the Oxtongue area to paint. One day he asked permission from my dad to go down to paint the landscape from our beach by the Oxtongue River.  

I didn't know who he was from Adam at the time, all I knew was that he was a real artist and I wanted to meet him and watch him paint. He had positioned himself on the beach with his easel all set up and his paint box out painting the scene facing him looking upriver. I approached with caution not knowing if he would let me stay. I remember clearing my throat to get his attention and asking him quietly and politely if I could stay and watch him paint. Well...he kind of eyeballed me over...and kind of grumbled a bit...and then he said.."I guess it's OK as long as you don't ask me any questions". I nodded obligingly and froze on the spot and didn't move an inch so I could stay and watch him paint. I didn't know who he even was until I asked my dad later on. I figured if this old guy finds my backyard interesting to paint then so do I, and with that thought it finalized my decision to become an artist when I grew up.

To this day, I still respect, honour and cherish the land and its many moods and seasons. I don't take it for granted for a second and have never outgrown my child-like sense of awe and wonder in nature and living things. As I mature as an artist I find my work delves deeper into this love affair with the land into more of a responsibility to preserve and protect the very thing that brings me joy. Consequently my art is also a form of stewardship and reflects the gift I have been given to share the joy and wonder that I see, but also as a call out to protect it for future generations.

STORM COMING-BURNT ISLAND LAKE was painted from my memory of that trip and from a tiny watercolour sketch no bigger than 5x7. It finally become what it was meant to be...a unique record in time about the power of nature.

I hope you get to enjoy some summer storms like this one to add to your memories! HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

My solo show "Reflections of Nature" continues until June 9th, at The Chapel Gallery, Muskoka Arts and Crafts, 15 King Street, Bracebridge. Open Tuesday to Saturday 10:00-5:00. Call Gallery 705.645.5501

Hope you can get out to see the show!  Exciting news...I will be there at The Chapel Gallery on May 29th from 10:00- 12:00 for a live interview with Cogeco cable. Check it out later next week!

My solo show commemorates my journey of discovery, joy and wonder that I experience in Nature. It is called "Reflections of Nature" but the river runs much deeper than that as it is also a reflection of me and who I am. My art expresses my inner convictions and worldview and a yearning to protect the very thing that brings me joy. Yes it is about reflecting the beauty that I see in the sparkle of dew on a unfolding leaf. or in diamonds of light dancing across the water, but the inspiration is only the beginning of expressing what I feel is worthy of fighting to protect.

I experienced a true "shift" a couple of years back during my participation in an event called artSHIFT which was part of a much bigger event called Creative Shift. It was a real turning point for me as I no longer saw my work as only a means of celebrating the joy and wonder I see in nature, but to use my art as a call to action to protect and preserve our environment for generations to come. I was paired with a local creative innovative company called Lord and Partners, a manufacturer of green chemistry. It was a fantastic opportunity to think outside the box and create a piece of artwork that reflected his intentions and direction as a company. It caused a "shift" in me and helped me to really recognize how my art can speak a different language and inspire others to come forward into a sense of stewardship and responsibility. The artwork I created out of auto parts and cleaning fluid was called " A greener tomorrow" and became the starting point for my solo show.

There is another underlying element in my work which permeates everything I do, and that is my unwavering faith and spirit. I haven't lost my childlike sense of awe, and I am still amazed by the beauty of it all. No matter what challenges I have faced or how bad things get or how dark life may be at times, I choose the light to carry me through. My art also becomes a form of personal stewardship and a sense of responsibility to use my creative gift to assist worthy organizations and helping others and our planet. There are five paintings that I have selected and designated to have portions donated to specific organizations, such as The Muskoka Heritage Foundation, The Friends of Algonquin Park, The Canadian Cancer Society, and Habitat for Humanity Muskoka. I have also selected " A greener tomorrow" to have a portion go to the TD Canada Trust Friends of the Environment Foundation, of which I am a monthly supporter and also act as a voting member on a local board for grants approvals.

I am very excited about my solo show and to present some new works to the public. I have always seen my art as a way to encourage a response from the viewer. My greatest hope is that the viewer will feel connected to a living breathing earth and want to protect it for all it is worth.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

My solo show 'REFLECTIONS OF NATURE' opens next Saturday May 12 th. Reception 1:00-4:00 with live music stylings on guitar by Michael Kaye and tasty goodies and refreshments. The Chapel Gallery, Muskoka Arts and Crafts, 15 King Street, Bracebridge. 705.645.5501

I am very excited about this show as it will reveal my inner drive and determination to go beyond just an appreciation of the beauty I see in Nature, to a more compelling message to act now for a greener tomorrow. 

I will have new works created in acrylic, watercolour and pastel along with some of my favourite paintings. I've been experimenting with cross over techniques and paring mediums together such as acrylic with pastel on canvas. This decision has proven to be a good move as these recent paintings are really powerful in their energy.

Another kind of energy will be present at my art show opening and that will be the music stylings of local musician and performer, Michael Kaye. I just met Mike recently by chance and it has proven to be a great connection. I even got to have a solo performance on site at work on my birthday May 1st. How cool is that! He is a wonderful musician and very entertaining so you are in for a real treat when you come to see my art.

There will be refreshments and food goodies lovingly made by me. Hope you can make it out. The show continues until June 9th.


Sunday, March 4, 2012


This painting was done for the recent members gallery challenge called "This is who I am" by Muskoka Arts and Crafts. I could have chosen anything but the image of the monarch butterfly is most fitting for this challenge. I have been through many challenges and changes in my life but through it all I have been guided and protected. renewed and uplifted beyond measure or comprehension. The monarch butterfly emerges as a new creature and that is how I feel too. I am emerging to become the way I was meant to be. Stronger, faithful and true,and ready to face whatever life throws at me.

I did a painting back in 2006 that dealt with a lot of bad stuff and I came to terms with all of it in that painting. The painting was called "the greatest of these is love" which was bought by a patron of my church family at All Saints' Anglican in Huntsville. It was dedicated to the Church and now hangs in the chapel. It is a testament to surviving the dark times in life and being renewed and restored through faith, hope and love.

This new painting " A new creature" is in partial reflection of that but is indeed a new painting. I have moved beyond that moment in time and have been renewed and restored to be even stronger than before. At the top of the painting is reference to three cyclamen flowers. My Dad always gave me cyclamen flowers as he knew how much I like them so it is partially about that connection. More importantly is the connection to the Trinity of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. The light raining down on me also rains around me onto others in my life. My friend Joy asked what the white line around my wings was all about. I told her that is my armour of light that shields and protects me. The little bud beneath me is my son Jon. He too is becoming stronger and ready to face the world. I have another year with him before he sets out to go off to school and start his own life. I am glad that I have been able to equip him for the world and set him on the right path. The is the greatest challenge as a parent is to raise children to become decent human beings who respect nature and every living thing. He has turned out so well, and I just know he will make a difference in this world and leave his own unique mark.

So here we are almost ready to start Spring! I hope and pray for new beginnings and good things for all those around me with whom our lives touch. HAPPY SPRING!
blessings, Janine