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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

WINTER LIGHT represents a quality of afternoon light and a moment etched in time in my memory.

Christmas is around the corner and I pause and think back to a time when my Dad and I would go tromping through the thick bush on an old trappers trail in search of a Christmas tree. I can still smell the scent of Spruce and Cedar boughs in the crisp cold air and see my breath float in front of me in an icy cloud. My lungs filled with frosty air until I finally breathed through my mitts to warm it up a little. Yes it was cold, but my heart was warmed by knowing that the time spent with my Dad would never be forgotten.

Somehow I just knew to take a photograph with my mind of the moment; the deep Dad and daughter talk, the laughter, the boots getting stuck in the marsh, the decisions on which tree would finally be picked to be " the one" that would come home with us; that I needed to etch it in my heart and soul forever.

All of the trees looked great with snow on them, and the one we always picked was a little less than perfect, but somehow that was for the best. None of us are perfect either, and we all have our "good sides" and our "bad sides" We can try to dress them up or dress them down, but to me the real beauty in the tree lies with its heavenly scent. I don't care if the branches are less than perfect or that it is lopsided, or too short or too tall, or too whatever. The true gift of the tree in in the scent of its needles and sap in the trunk and branches. Kind of like people don't you think. It is not the outside that matters it is the soul.

My most perfect moments are the ones when I gasp at the beauty around me. I absolutely love being outside in the Winter and going for walks in the bush, especially when it is snowing. There is this quiet hush that happens and everything is muffled as snowflakes gently float to the ground. WOW..what a moment.

Here's to all of you that you may enjoy moments that make you gasp with Joy, special times with family that warm your heart, and memories to etch in your soul.

Merry Christmas and blessings to you and yours.

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