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Thursday, April 28, 2011

ONE OF A KIND SPRING SHOW AND SALE It may be over but it sure was amazing!

WOW!! What a show!! All the hard work and late nights were worth it just to "be" there at the OOAK. It was such an honour to be selected to represent Muskoka. Everyone loved our professional looking booth and high calibre of artists and craftspeople. I was on a corner of the booth in the flow of traffic, so I got to watch people as they approached. Blown away comes to mind!! They would literally stop in their tracks look in and around and then up...way up.. to our big sign showcasing all 16 of us. Painters,weaving, furniture makers, jewelers, funky recycled sculpture, gnomes and painted glass all dazzled the thousands of people who made their way past our Muskoka Artist Marketplace. I'm sure there was 50,000 people who went past!! Saturday and Sunday were especially busy with wall to wall people.

The OOAK staff went out of their way to help us and make sure of our success.Special thanks to Valerie and Amy. I was able to commit to doing a 2 hour painting demo each of the five days while at the OOAK. It gave me an opportunity to show people what I do, hand out my rack and business cards, but also to redirect people back over to the Muskoka Artist Marketplace to my buddies in hopes of sales for them!! The whole experience gave me a much needed push to reach higher and to define myself and my work to a new and bigger client base. I do hope and pray that all the rack cards, business cards and CV Bio sheets that I handed out will come back as future sales or commissions. The exposure on the OOAK artisan website was awesome and is still LIVE so you can still check us out.

Most importantly the whole experience and opportunity to go was made possible from the dedication of Muskoka Arts and Crafts and volunteer hours way beyond "normal" to help us be prepared for a show of this magnitude. Special thanks to Barry and you guys made us look sooo good with such a well designed and classy booth construction. Thanks also go out to fellow booth mates who made sure we were OK for breaks or help of any kind. Thanks guys!!

The hard work, determination and funding of Muskoka Arts and Crafts together with funding from FedNor and the Town of Bracebridge allowed the possibility of the chosen 16 exhibitors to be able to pay a reduced rate compared to what it would have been as a single artist. I am extremely thankful for the funding initiative that made it possible for me to go. I look forward to the future of being in the One of Kind Show in Toronto and later perhaps Vancouver, New York and Chicago. It has been a goal of mine for the past five years to some day be "in" the Toronto One of a Kind Show and now I have done it!! To the future and beyond! CHEERS!!


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